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Increase your Salon/Spa's Revenue Stream

Hair Lasers Inc. (HLI) can increase your income with only a minimal investment and just a little time. HLI Lasers are designed to provide maximum gratification to your clients by achieving extreme results for anyone seeking fuller, thicker hair. All lasers are safe and custom built here in the USA!

Until recently, these lasers were only available to dedicated laser hair therapy centers, or hair replacement studios. Now, you can offer all of the benefits of these "cutting edge" machines as a premium service, even with limited space.

In fact, HLI offers packages that can have you up & running upon delivery! There are programs that can accommodate the smallest facility, or full service laser hair treatment centers. HLI's programs will furnish everything you need including:

Now is the time to be one of the first salons in your area to offer this premium service. Laser hair therapy in salons & spas is still something of a rarity, but has been generating an incredible amount of success in just a short time. This recent exposure has created a new positive public awareness of laser hair therapy, and opened the door to success for salons & spas. As time goes on, HLI lasers will become a professional tool that no salon/spa will want to go without.

Imagine being able to offer a service that:

Become one of the first in your area to offer this service! Start taking advantage of this easy, rewarding & effective way to increase your income. Yes, it really is as easy as pushing a button!